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Google has panelized my site due to unnatural links - what can I do?
Currently Google is sending out notifications to site owners who have overdone their SEO in the past by building a lot cheap-unnatural links. Because is a very popular user-driven site in general, it is often used as an example for unnatural linking. But instead of hunting down hundreds of links scattered on the web, you should really use the new tool Google is offering to disavow links you don't like. This is the recommended solution as we cannot offer support for link removal: Google: Disavow links
How to delete links that point to my website?
We do not allow our administrators to edit or delete links of our users. Only the user himself can delete his own bookmark. Therefore we do not answer requests to delete certain links.
How do i edit my bookmarked items?
Once you saved a page to folkd the button left to the item says "edit". By clicking on this button you are able to alter your title, tags and description.
How do i increase my reputation-rank?
The reputation rank of our users calculates from various indicators. But if you constantly use folkd, post, recommend and visit the items and make some friends - you will `levelup` very soon :)
Do i need the browser extension to use folkd?
No, the Firefox and IE browser extensions are actually very helpful if you like to use folkd while surfing - but all functionality is also availible on the folkd webpages.
What's the purpose of the %-value of the `Reputation-RankĀ“?
The `Reputation-RankĀ“ represents how popular a certain item has become to the folkd-community. The items with the highest reputation of the day will make it to the folkd front page. The percentage-value is not only determined by how many users saved or folkd it, but also by how many of them actually use the page. The user's reputation is calculated by measuring his activity within the folkd-community.
What means `folk it`?
If you click the `folk it`-Button for a certain item you vote for it, saying that you like it. If you dislike it, switch to the block mode (same button - right corner) and click on `block it`. These votes will result in a change of the items Reputation: With many `folks` it goes up - many `blocks` and it goes down.
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